Star-Spangled Wavers

from FamilyFun Magazine

These batons promise to be the stars of any Independence Day celebration.

  Pieces of red, white and blue felt
  Red, white and blue ribbons (available at local craft stores)
  Tacky Glue
  3/8-inch dowel

1. Cut a pair of 6-inch stars from red, white, or blue felt.

2. Cut a slightly smaller pair (ours were 4 inches across) from a different color of felt, and an even smaller pair (ours were 3 inches across) from the third color.

3. Use tacky glue to affix the stars to each other. Glue together the 2 sets of stars, sandwiching a 3/8-inch dowel between them.

4. Allow the glue to dry, then finish the baton by tying a length of red, white, and blue ribbon around the dowel.