Paper Airplane

from FamilyFun Magazine

This glider is the current king of the paper airplane world. Originally folded by paper pilot Ken Blackburn, it claims the Guinness record of 27.6 seconds aloft!

  8 1/2- x 11-inch sheet of paper
  Crayons  (optional)

1. Click here to download printable instructions and three different airplane designs

2. Fold 2 corners of one of the printable designs or an

3. Make a 3/4-inch fold on the bottom edge.

4. Repeat step 2, folding up the bottom 7 more times.

5. Keep the plane folded, fold down the top wing about 3/4 inch from the center fold.

6. Flip the plane over so your beginning folds are faceup and repeat step 5 with the other wing.

7. Flip the plane over again so that the folds are facedown, then fold up the edge of each wing tip about 1/2 inch.

8. To launch your plane, throw it overhand adn straight up in the air. Have a great flight!