Make a Swarm of Tumblebugs

from Famile Fun Magazine

Set these little critters on an incline and watch them cartwheel a beeline to the bottom. The secret to their antics is a marble rolling around inside.

  2 nickels
  Card stock
  Tacky glue
  Marble (1 for each bug)
  Black marker
  Colored tissue paper
  Glue stick

1. For each bug, cut a 5-1/2- by 3/4-inch strip of card stock and two 1 3/4- by 7/8-inch card stock ovals.

2. To make an oval, lay 2 nickels side by side on the card stock and trace around them, connecting the top and bottom.

3. Glue the strip into a loop, overlapping the ends by an inch. Pinch it or use a paper clip to hold it together while the glue dries. Next, use a toothpick to line one edge of the loop with glue, then set the loop on top of an oval.

4. When the glue dries, place a marble inside. Line the edge of the loop with glue and press the other oval on top.

5. Once all the glue is dry, use a marker to add a face and other features. Cut out a couple of 2-inch-long wings from tissue paper and use the glue stick to attach them to the top of your bug.