Unveiling the Magic: Jellystone Park™ Warrens’ Spectacular Transformation

At Jellystone Park™ Warrens, we’ve been buzzing with activity, transforming every corner into a haven of joy and relaxation for our beloved guests. It’s not just a makeover; it’s a complete reimagining of fun, comfort, and adventure. From thrilling water escapades to cozy, modern accommodations, we’re thrilled to unveil the fruits of our labor and invite you to experience the excitement firsthand. Let’s explore what’s new and waiting for you!

Your One-Stop Ranger Station – A Renovated Haven:  Step into our fully renovated and beautiful Ranger Station. Here, you can snag all your favorite Jellystone Park™ swag to keep the memories alive long after your visit. Need some light groceries, firewood for that perfect campfire, or ice to keep your beverages chilled? We’ve got you covered. And for the adventurers at heart, grab a gem mining bag and see what treasures you can uncover. It’s the little conveniences and joys that make your stay with us truly special.

Café Delights Await: Hunger pangs? Worry not! Our beautifully renovated café now boasts a full menu brimming with tasty treats sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. From savory snacks to hearty meals, each dish is prepared with love. And for that perfect sweet ending, indulge in our delicious hand-dipped ice cream. It’s the ideal way to treat yourself after a day full of adventures.

New Bathhouses: In our quest to provide unmatched comfort and convenience, we’ve introduced brand-new bathhouses. Designed with your privacy and needs in mind, these facilities offer a clean space to freshen up, reflecting our commitment to enhancing every aspect of your stay.

Brand New Activity Center – The Fun Factory: Step right up to our Activity Center, where we’ve bottled lightning and distilled it into a concoction of excitement and camaraderie. Get ready for a whole new experience during craft time!  Enjoy more space and a beautiful setting while you paint ceramics, and tie-dye your shirts! It’s your ultimate hub for creativity and fun.

66 Brand-New Cabins for 2023: Imagine retreating to one of our 66 new cabins, where luxury meets nature. These cabins are a haven of comfort, offering a serene escape with all the modern amenities you desire. It’s the perfect blend of wilderness and comfort, ensuring a restful night’s sleep under the stars for the whole family, including your four-legged family members!

Wibit Floating Water Obstacle Course: Dive into excitement with our Wibit Floating Water Obstacle Course. Launched in 2023, this aquatic adventure is perfect for those looking to splash, climb, and leap their way through a series of thrilling challenges. It’s a must-try for families and friends alike!

Wibit Check-In/Golf Cart Check-In:  Say goodbye to long lines and confusion at check-in! With our new Wibit Check-In/Golf Cart Check-In Office, your golf cart and Wibit process will be smoother than ever. Dive into your adventure without delay, knowing that our streamlined registration process has you covered from the get-go.

Exquisite Resort-Style Pools:  Join us this summer when our two new resort-style pools make their grand debut. These exquisite pools offer a refreshing oasis, promising leisurely days spent swimming, lounging, and soaking up the sun. Plus, with a zero entry pool design, it is ADA-friendly, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the aquatic fun without barriers.

Aquabanas:  Float your cares away in our luxurious Aquabanas, where relaxation reigns supreme and the only thing you need to worry about is getting too relaxed.

Pickleball: Stay tuned for the launch of our pickleball courts in 2024, adding another exciting activity for you to enjoy during your stay.

Refreshed Dog Park – Paws for Applause:  Fido deserves a vacation too! Our revamped dog park is the canine equivalent of a red-carpet rollout. Watch your furry friends strut their stuff while you sip your morning coffee and ponder life’s most important question: Who’s a good boy?

New Golf Cart Checkout Building – Smooth Sailing Ahead:  Hop aboard our golf carts and breeze through our new checkout and registration building, where checking out your golf cart will be as easy as a Sunday drive. Say goodbye to long waits and paperwork hassles – it’s a seamless process that’ll have you on your way to your amazing vacation in no time!

Renovated Bear’s Den – Where Yogi Bear™ and Friends Snooze: Last but not least, we couldn’t do all this work and not give Yogi Bear™ and friends their brand new space. Come by and peek in on the bears as they snooze in their brand new Bear’s Den. It’s a cozy retreat where our beloved characters can rest and recharge, ready to greet you with smiles and hugs during your visit.

At Jellystone Park™ Warrens, we believe in creating unforgettable experiences for every guest. With these incredible new features and amenities, we’re not just inviting you back; we’re welcoming you into a world of new adventures and cherished memories waiting to be made. Pack your bags, bring your excitement, and let us show you the wonders of our transformed park. We can’t wait to see you!





1500 Jellystone Park Drive
Warrens, WI 54666

(608) 378-2000