Camping With Dogs Made Easy: 5 Tips & Tricks

At Fido-approved Jellystone Park™ Warrens, we welcome your four-legged family members. If you’re planning a camping trip with your furry friend, you’ll want to ensure your dog is safe and comfortable, so we’ve gathered some tips for successful camping with dogs on your next getaway!

Camping With Dogs

Tips for Camping With Dogs

Make sure your dog is up-to-date on vaccinations and has a current ID tag

It’s important to keep your dog’s vaccines current, especially if you’ll be camping in a public place like Jellystone Park™ Warrens. It’s also a good idea to make sure your dog has a current ID tag in case they get lost while camping.

Bring a supply of food, water, and any necessary medications

Pack enough of your dog’s regular food, favorite treats, and any special supplements or prescriptions they take routinely to last the length of your stay. Also, bring a portable water dish and a bowl for feeding.

Keep your dog leashed at all times

For the safety of your dog and other campers, keeping your pup leashed when not in your RV or pet-friendly cabin is critical. Jellystone Park™ Warrens has a large, well-maintained dog park for your furry friend to romp around and make new friends off-leash, so be sure to take advantage of this area.

Protect your dog from the elements

When camping with dogs, offer them shade and plenty of water on warm, sunny days. In cooler weather, be sure to bring warm blankets or coats for your dogs to wear. Jellystone Park™ Warrens has a 2-pet limit per site.

Keep an eye on your dog’s behavior

Whether you are taking Fido for a hike, watching him zoom around the dog park, or relaxing in your RV or cabin, pay attention to your pup’s behavior while camping and be alert for any signs of distress or discomfort. If your dog seems anxious or upset, try to identify the cause and take steps to address it.


Accommodations for Humans and Canines

We know a camping getaway is not the same without bringing your fur babies. That’s why we offer pet-friendly RV sites, cabins, and villas at Warrens Lodging. so you and your pup can enjoy adventures in the great outdoors together! And by following these tips for camping with dogs at Jellystone Park™ Warrens, you can help ensure that your furry friend has a safe and comfortable experience. Remember to always supervise your dogs and be mindful of their needs while camping!


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