Include These 4 Steps In Your RV Winter Storage Process

Winter is just around the corner, and if you’re not headed south in your RV or into cold-weather camping, you’ll need to protect and prepare your rig for the colder months when it’s not being used. Before putting your RV into storage mode, it’s essential to carry out a thorough winterization process, battery check and disconnect, and the addition of fuel stabilizer, particularly for rigs stored in freezing temperatures.

But there are other equally important steps like the following to check before completing your annual RV winter storage process.

RV winter storage

Additional Steps For RV Winter Storage
  1. Deep Clean the RV

    Think of spring cleaning with this RV winter storage step! Clean every nook and cranny of your RV’s interior. Empty the refrigerator and get rid of any food items in the cabinets. Disinfect all surfaces, vacuum, mop… the works! Place moisture absorbers in cabinets and closets and leave these compartments (refrigerator included) ajar to let air flow and prevent mold and mildew. To avoid UV exposure, close all windows, curtains, and blinds.

  2. Make Your Rig Critter-Resistant

    Along with thoroughly cleaning the RV interior, you can prevent mice and other rodents from making their winter home in your RV by noting any places where they can sneak in. Seal every possible entrance into the RV. Cover windows, vents, and any place you can see sunlight seeping through the cracks. Dryer sheets and moth balls are practical pest deterrents.

  3. Wash & Wax the RV’s Exterior

    Any dirt or road salt left on the surface of your RV will likely freeze during the winter, resulting in cracks, paint damage, and rust. A good top-to-bottom cleaning helps prevent this, and a thorough wax job seals the outside, so new dirt doesn’t tack on. Wash and dry the awning as well to prevent mold.

  4. Cover the Tires

    Frost and UV exposure can weaken tires. Once you’ve cleaned your tires, protect them with properly fitted tire covers.

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